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Recent Report about Boldoo

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Boldoo is still running his tire repair shop and attending church service every Sunday.

His shop's name is 'Immanuel Repair Shop'. He left the alcohol rehab center a year ago to live with his mother and younger sister. Now he is living with them. 

Local government agency gave him a piece of land free of charge and a ger (traditional Mongolian home). It was a special blessing for him that he could receive this kind of encouragement and help from local administration. 

Photo (left): With the translator of 2008 NHK documentary. NHK asked her to visit Boldoo and Dachaa and report, so she visited their home, alcohol rehab center and our church.

Photo (right): With his younger sister Tuul.

And JCS (Joint Christian Services International NGO) funded to buy some tire repair equipments that he can run a small business a year ago. 

His younger sister is a Christian. She completed YWAM DTS few months ago. 

Boldoo could not read and write when he came to the alcohol rehab center but he learned reading and writing through daily Bible reading and QT. 

This is his situation now.


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