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アルコール依存回復センター"Blessed Family"

Alcohol rehab center called “Blessed Family” which Boldoo was saved. The director of this center is brother Uuree. He was also a former alcoholic and saved by another alcohol rehab center’s ministry. He and his wife has been serving this center faithfully after they started this ministry for alcoholics. 

訳:アルコール依存回復センター"Blessed Family"(祝福された家族)は、ボルドが救われた所です。このセンターの所長はウレ兄弟と言います。彼も以前はアルコール依存症でしたが、他の回復施設の働きを通して救われました。ウレ夫婦は、アルコール依存者のためのミニストリーを始めた後、この施設で忠実に仕えています。

His wife is a professional singer. She produced one Christian Worship Album which includes Gospel songs she has composed. 

They could not have a baby due to brother Uuree’s medical issue. So they will try IVF (In vitro fertilisation) at the end of May. 

They need some fund, so she is going to perform a concert on May 19 to raise fund for IVF. If they got enough fund, they will also support the alcohol rehab center. 



Currently, they need to move out the current building and praying for a new building. So I asked them to make a sketch, so that we can pray specifically. 


Recently, they had 3 new comers (alcoholics).




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