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  • 執筆者の写真Mongol Kids' Home




“God provides where he guides” and “God still speak” were few of the thoughts I had in mind while listening to the testimony of how Mongol Kid’s Home ministry all started and where it is today.

I know what it feels like to be in need or to be dependent on someone else. I know the frustration and thought of “God where are you?” and in those moments of earnestly praying, he would always work something out through His people or through favor later on. This ministry represents those people He would use. This ministry expresses the love of God in a tangible way. Mongol Kid’s Home Ministry and its members symbolizes the hands, feet and heart of Jesus. It reminded me of Matthew 25:32-40 where Jesus reminded the people that what we do to the least (feed, clothe, take care of the sick ect.) we also do unto Him. It caused me to introspect on how much show the love of God to others in a tangible way and to improve where necessary. It was refreshing to also note how God spoke to many people who partnered on the journey to help this ministry grow and do what it was set out to do.

Dr. Takamizawa’s obedience to God was also something that stood out to me as someone who is so strives to please God even if it’s hard. While listening to the testimony I had one of very few experiences I’ve had where I got a vision of myself praying for someone in a specific manner. This ministry is powerful and I pray God continuous blessings and strength in spreading His love in the various ways that you do.

God still speaks and I’m happy to know that there are still people who are sold out to God and continues to be a blessing.



また、自分の日々の生き方や将来についてすごく考えさせられました。僕たちみんなが神様に命を捨てるほどに愛されていて、その変わることのない莫大な愛を知って、捉えられた者として、どんなときにも愛のある生き方を選択して、その愛を証していくことを神様に願われています。しかし愛を常に示すことはすごく難しいことで、特に自らの経済面や健康面、将来面をリスクにかけながら愛を実践するのは本当に困難です。それをこんなにも大きなスケールで実践されている方々がいるのを知って、またその一人であるえいこさんから色々な話を聞いて、神様がどれほど人知を超えたレベルで、そのプロジェクトを守り導いてくれたのかを目の当たりにしました。自分への神様からの召しをそのまま受け取り、そのまま実践していく時、思いもよらない、大きなことが成し遂げられるのを見て、これから生きていく中で自分も、その召しに気づけるように、そして受け取れるように、毎日聖書を読んでみことばに触れて祈り、もちろん自分のためだけでなく、身近な周りの人、遠いモンゴルの人々のためにもっと祈らなければと強く感じます。ペテロをイエス様が舟から水面に歩き出すように言われたように、舟の上のようなComfortable Zoneから抜け出していくこと、毎日誰かに愛を示せるような、少し難しい生き方を選択していこうと思いました。それらの選択の連続がやがて大きなことにつながっていくと思います。



As a Filipino, poverty is a concept that I grew up around. In the Philippines, the marginalized, the middle class, and the rich often coexist in the same space, but almost as if in a different dimension. The concerns of each social class are so different from each other, and for many people, it can be difficult or even uncomfortable to have empathy and ask, “What can I do for my neighbor?” I grew up in a city like that, and while churches and organizations in the area would regularly do feeding programs and medical outreaches, to me it sometimes felt like there was just too much poverty, and no real change could be made. Witnessing this in my daily life without seeing a solution, really desensitized me. After hearing about the Mongol Kids’ Home project, I was so encouraged. Through Ptr. Takamizawa’s testimony, I was reminded that there’s no limit to what the Lord can do through anyone who is sensitive to the things that made God’s heart ache, and surrenders themselves to His will. The deeply individual and personal nature of this ministry also left an impression on me. Each step of the way to creating the Mongol Kids’ Home was tied to a story; several individuals who decided to invest their time, effort, and abilities into these children’s lives. Each person who says they will pray for these children is documented and counted as a partner in God’s work too—this especially moved me, and reminded me of how as children of God, we’re called to have compassion and carry one another’s burdens (Galatians 6:2), especially in prayer. Throughout Scripture, there are several passages that tells us about the compassion that Jesus had for people, prompting Him to heal for them, provide food for them, guide them spiritually, and give them freedom from bondage (Luke 7:13, Matthew 15:32, Matthew 9:36, Matthew 14:14, Matthew 20:34, and many more!). Jesus was never an impersonal miracle machine, but everything He did for others, He did out of an overflow of His love and compassion for them. By hearing about the Mongol Kids’ Home, I can see that the Lord worked His will through this ministry because it was grounded in His compassion and love for these children. It brought me so much joy to see the difference this was making in the kids’ lives, and by extension, the lives of those who follow after them. The Mongol Kids’ Home ministry is something of such beautiful, eternal value, and I am so honored and joyed to partner with it in prayer and expectation of what God can continue to do.


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