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Encouragement from Rev. Choi Jung Hyun

Dr. Eiko is the former minister at Hallalujah Japanese Ministries. Whenever I hear about her new ministry for Mongolian Manhole Children, I am deeply moved. I am proud of her as her successor.

Last Sunday, she came back to our church and shared her ministries in Korean language. She said she has too many things to share and so she has to do this without translation. All the Korean members were more moved by her sharing.

We would like to share her vision continuously with joy.

Our leaders decided to collect donation in stead of collecting gifts for one another, and give up big meal for our church and donate the portion to Mongol Kids' Home for this Christmas! We are happy to exercise the Christmas Spirit in this way! We hope more people and groups will join this ministry by Dr. Eiko given by God.

By Rev. Choi Jung Hyun, Hallalujah Japanese Ministries


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