モンゴルキッズの家 マンホールチルドレンを支える会

Prayer Topics


Орчуулахаар бэлдэж байна

February, 2020

Thank you so much for your prayers. These are the prayer topics for this month.

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October, 2019

Thank you so much for your prayers. These are the prayer topics for this month.

  1. 8 children in <Mongol Kids’ Home> and 15 children in <Gate of Hope> to grow well both physically, mentally and spiritually.

  2. Mongolian Team and workers to be strengthened from above.

  3. Preparation and selection of single mothers to accommodate.

  4. Professional Strategist and teachers for hiring. 

  5. Renovation to be completed as soon as possible before temperature drops. For workers for the construction. 

  6. All the necessity to be filled for the construction and preparation for winter.

September, 2019

Thank you so much for your prayers. These are the prayer topics for this month.

  1. Pray for preparation before the arrival of winter. 

  2. Pray that the renovation work to be completed soon.

  3. Pray for discernment as we hire two new professional teachers. Pray that God will give us someone who truly love children.

  4. Pray for new children, that God will send those who truly needs our care. ​

August, 2019

Thank you so much for your prayers. These are the prayer topics for this month.


  1. Pray that the renovation work will be completely quickly.

  2. Pray for the children who will be returning to our home for the new semester to get used to the environment quickly.

  3. Pray for discernment in the selection process for the new children.

  4. Pray for preparation of two children who are planning to go to public school 

  5. Pray for the local staff. We need to recruit 3 new staffs

June, 2019

Thank you so much for your prayers. These are the prayer topics for this month.


  1. Pray for God to send children to our facility who truly needs our care. Pray for salvation of parents.

  2. Pray that the basic needs are met for each family. Pray for healing and restoration of family relationships.

  3. Pray that each child will be able to receive primary education. Pray that their lives will become more stable and lead into the future.

  4. Pray that each family can become economically independent, and that they will be able to find good jobs. Pray that they will not revert back to their old jobs that are dangerous and degrading (e.g. prostitution and other illegal jobs). 

June 25, 2019


In the past six month, we have been operating our home in a rented home. However, due to the recent change in the law, the government no longer allows keeping children who are under 6 years old over 24-hour period. We have been praying about this and we discovered that a land with three buildings are currently on sale. Using the donation funds, we were able to purchase this property. Although, it is a very old facility and we need to invest large amount of money on renovation, but it is a good start to house more children and their parents (which will allow our project to be legal).


The required funds are 3 million yen (approx. 30,000 USD) for renovation of interior and 1.6  million yen (approx. 16,000 USD) for purchase of new equipments. Please pray that we can raise these necessary funds.


  1. Pray for renovation work (3m for interior, 1.6m yen for equipment)

  2. Pray for the 16 people (children and their parents) who are planned to move into our new facility. Pray for the local staff members’ needs. (the total cost including operation, food, education, utilities is 9m yen)

  3. Pray for preparation of vocational training and fair trade initiatives (1.1m yen for purchasing a necessary equipment)

  4. Pray for the promoting awareness campaigns (1.3m yen)


Total required funds is: 16m yen (approximately 160,000 US dollars)

March, 2019

Thank you for your prayers. This month’s prayer topics are:

  1. Pray so that we can purchase a new land and a new facility.

  2. Pray for the construction of our second home. 

  3. Pray for the growth of 8 of our children currently staying at the home. Also for the 18 children staying at Good Future, our partnering organization.

  4. Pray for the local staff members.

  5. Pray that the documentary film to be aired in the main NHK channel. 

<Urgent Prayer Request! > 

Please pray for a van (8 or 9 seater)!  They need a van desperately to transport children to family members who live in the area Manhole family live every weekend. They also need to do shopping and educational activities outside of the home. 

If you know someone who can donate a van to Mongol Kids' home, please contact HERE

(see prayer requet 3 below for more information)

December, 2018

Prayer requests from Mongolia. (Translation is now preparing.)






5. 7人の子供達のお母さんや親戚が、自分で職をもって、収入が得られるようにおいのりください。




October, 2018

Prayer requests from Mongolia. Please pray for them!


Mongol Kids’ Home has been open for a month now.  Many thanks to the many people who have supported us in various ways so far.

Currently, we are taking care of five children, and one was not able to join us because of a cold.


The children are getting a lot brighter in their countenance, compared to when they first came, and they are gaining more weight little by little. Changes are happening; their bad behaviors, such as fighting, cussing, or stealing things, are decreasing and they are getting along better. Some kids even say that they do not want to go back home.


Teachers are praying daily for the children as they serve them.

Following are several prayer requests.


1. Please pray that the children will come to understand that stealing things or violence is a bad thing and that they will not say bad words. And please pray for the mental stability of the children.


2. Please pray for the parents of the children. Home condition is not good; children do not want to go back home on weekends. Various abuses are happening at home. One child has a 2-year-old sister and her mother is begging for us to take the younger sister as well.


3. Please pray for a van. Mongol Kids’ Home is located on the outskirts of town. Vehicles are necessary for many tasks, such as picking up children who come from afar specially in the winter time, meeting up with the parents of children, going grocery shopping, carrying firewood, and taking children out to the city during weekdays, etc. And we are envisioning several programs in the future which will provide a meaningful time for the children with their parents, and which will educate the parents about their roles and how to do them well. We believe that the vehicle will be useful in running such programs as well. Parents of children do not have cell phone or contact number, so if we have any problems or we want to communicate with them, we must visit them.


4. A harsh winter is approaching. Please pray that we will go through it well


We bless your family, work and ministry. Thank you.

September 2018

Prayer Requests from the Staff Members


  1. I feel the spiritual battle in this ministry. Please pray for my spiritual condition as well as my family members. 

  2. I understand it is not a easy work to work with children who have been abused or lived in a harsh condition. Please pray for my patience so that I will not easily judge them, rather I can serve them with love. 

  3. I am so encouraged by the supporters from Japan (and other parts of the world). I was not confident if there are people who really can help us.  But as I see the photos of the supporters, I am so encouraged.  Please pray that we can wisely manage the precious supports from them. 

  4. Pray for the unity of our team. There are so many challenges in this ministry we need patience and also wisdom, too.

  5. At first I heard that children are about 10 years old. But now I found they are 2-5 years old and a little worried if I can take a good care of them or not.  But now I see this ministry is from God. Then I will be able to serve these children well with the support of prayers. 

  6.  Even just cooking food, I need God's love and prayers from the supporters, please pray for my serving.

August 2018

  1. The volunteers for the project in the Lord's Glory Church are now receiving training from the specialist Solongo.  Let us pray that each of them receive God's heart for the children and be equipped for this task well. 

  2. For the renovation and preparation for the candidate building to be done by Septermber 9th, the opening day. 

  3. For the selection of the manhole children; right children to be selected and what to do for those who are not selected.  We need God's wisdom and guidance. 


These three people will be work for Mongol Kids' Home. Please pray for them.


Name : Nyamaa

​She is a professional cook. So she will be in charge of cooking and food management.


Name : Sunjee​

She is the one used to work with American missionaries at a child care center. She will be one of the manager in charge of everyday tasks and teacher taking advantage of experience.


Name : Pastor David

Full name: Manaljav Namsrai. Was born in 1972. He lives with his wife Tungaa, daughter Mandukhai, and son Yesukhei. 

- He was YWAM staff in 2002~2003. 

- Evangelist at Ansan Onnuri Mongolian Church in 2004 ~ 2006

- Evangelist at Glory of the Lord Community Church in 2010 ~ 2018

- Earned BA from Reformed Faith Theological College & Seminary.

- He was ordained as a pastor on Sep 7, 2018.

April 2018

  1. Pray that each manhole child can live their lives that were given from God to their full potential 

  2. Pray that all the people involved in this project will seek the will of God, and play their roles according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit

  3. Pray that God will provide all the resources, both human and material, that are necessary for this project. Especially, God to provide professionals who can provide care for the homeless children and Mongolian volunteers who have heart for this project,

  4. Pray that God’s blessing to be upon The Glory of the Lord Community Church in Mongol.

  5. Pray that God will be glorified through this project. 

“For I know the plans I have for you...

plans for welfare and not for evil,

plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

May, 2020

Thank you so much for your prayers. These are the prayer topics for this month.

  1. Pray that Gel District will be protected from Corona, particulalry as the area lacks access to public water system

  2. Pray for the health and safety of children who are living with their families 

  3. Pray for the health and safety of the local staff and that they will be able to prepare the teaching curriculum by this September

  4. Pray that single mothers and their children who need care can be admitted to our facility.

May, 2020

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モンゴルキッズの家 事務局