モンゴルキッズの家 マンホールチルドレンを支える会

Report from Mongolia

Орчуулахаар бэлдэж байна

Mongol Kids' Home Activity Report No.2

May 14~June 1, 2020


Although most of the activities are put on hold due to corona, we were still able to visit the children’s houses. The children were so happy to see their teachers despite the difficult environment. They are really looking forward to returning to our house. 


We also talked about reopening. We discussed about safety protocols including making children wear masks. We also discussed about making repairs to the playground, as after the demolition of the old building, the playground has been cluttered with construction materials.


Thus, we have been cleaning up the playground. For two days on May 29 and 30, we visited the children. There were some that we couldn’t not meet but we are looking forward to meeting them soon.


Prayer topics

Pray that we would be able to contact all of our children 

Pray for the cleaning process on the play ground 

Pray for good team work 


Thank you for your continuous prayers.


Mongol Kids' Home Activity Report No.1

April 27~May 13, 2020

Gantulga was appointed as the local manager on April 27, 2020. He met all the workers Nyamaa, Sunjee, and Oyuna to get to know more about the condition of facility and brief introduction of the work. These photos resemble the situation of the facility at time of first visit and meeting.


These photos show the back of our facility which means another person’s land. We had to fill it out in order to prevent water running into the facility. The owner of the land is happy that we made it clean for them.


May 24, 2020

The current situation of Mongol Kids' Home is stated in the Newsletter 2020 Spring. LINK

​Introducing of Mongolia team

We appreciate your prayers! 

Mongol Kids' Home

"The Glory of the Lord" Community Church, Board members

(From Left)J. Oyunbileg(Treasurer) / David Tsendee(Pastor) / U. Tungalagtuul (PJ Officer) / David Namsrai(Pastor)

Mongol Kids' Home

Mongol Kids' Home, Workers

(From Left)P. Enkhjargal(Nursery) / D. Nyamsuren (Nyamaa)(Cook) / David Namsrai(Pastor, PJ Leader) / P. Sunjidmaa (Sunjee)(Nursery)

January 21, 2019

We received a message from Pastor Namsly to all those who are supporting Mongol Kids’ Home.


Shalom.  I want to thank all those who are laboring to support the children in Mongol. I just want to express my sincere thanks to all of you for sending us so many handcrafted items including the beautiful knit caps, scarves, and cushions. And especially, I want to thank Aoyagis and Dr Eiko who gave us warm blankets. We were so glad to see the happy faces of the children. Thanks to all these gifts, the children can warmly spend this harsh winter. I believe that God will pour out His blessings upon you for all of your labors. We love and bless you. 

January 6, 2019

Report "Dr. Eiko, Pastor Gana & his wife with Manya

Trip to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (December 29, 2018 -January 2, 2019)"

By Eiko Takamizawa

Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for your support and prayers laster year for the Mongol Kids Home project. Looking back the year, I was able to witness God’s amazing power one after another. I thank you for supporting us in various ways last year. May God continue to lead you throughout this year.

I summarized below my trip to Ulaanbaatar (UB). It’s a little bit long but I would like to ask for your patience in reading it through. 

First day (Dec. 29)

Arrived safely at UB. Once again, many members of the church came to greet me at the airport. I was so grateful with their warm welcome. When I got out of the airport building, the temperature was minus 35C! I had to cover my whole body, including the face to avoid the stinging cold. As I was walking across the parking lot, I noticed what is harsh in this country is not only the cold temperature, but also the polluted air. I felt like the whole city of UB was in an indoor parking lot with lots of cars. The mask I brought from Korea was not enough to cover the pollutants, so I had to buy a mask with a special filter. I stayed at a place called ECC which is a guest house that the Glory of the Lord Church is currently renting out. It’s 10 dollars a night. Not many people visit during the winter, so the place was very quiet. As soon as I arrived, I heard a sad news. One of the pastors of the Glory of the Lord Church, Todoe, had passed away due to an accident. I attended a funeral at his house and encouraged his wife and children. I remembered that he asked me to have tea together next time, but sadly it never realized. I told myself to treasure each encounter with people.  


Second  day (Dec. 30)

Attended the Sunday worship at Glory of the Lord Church. The praise time was truly wonderful. I had no clue what I was singing about, but I was still blessed. As my throat was still not well with the flu that I caught just before coming to UB, Gana preached and I just shared a testimony and my vision. This day, Boldo could not make it to church because of a severe stomach ache. I was told that Boldo is being treated at a hospice for poor families, and now he is resting at home. I also heard that Dasha has not been able to come to church. He has three children and it must be hard for him to walk through the mountain paths in such a cold weather. In my last visit, we arranged the church car so that it would be easier for him to come to church, but it seems he is still having difficulty. This is understandable as he does not yet have faith. After the worship service, we held a meeting with the leaders and we decided to pay a visit to Boldo and Dasha’s house with few people. 


As it was already in the evening, we decided to visit Dasha’s house first as they have children. Visiting Dasha’s house was a big challenge, as it is located in the middle of a mountain hill, due to the high altitude, I had difficult time breathing as well. The steps leading up to his house was covered with ice; I had to ask for people’s support. I can't fight against my age. When I entered his house, I was met with the usual unfriendly face of Dasha holding his child, and his lovely children and his wife. As I was told that the oldest son started attending school, I brought him some toys and stationeries as a gift. I also brought a small bag for Dasha’s wife, I was happy to see her happy face. This may be featured by NHK, but for manhole children to be able to send their kids to school is a big feat. The oldest must have picked up some social skills at school, when I spoke to him in English, he nodded in answer. I was touched that we were able to communicate. We held a short worship service and gave them some Bible verses, and prayed for them. We then headed to Boldo’s house. As I was going to his house, I was praying that by the time NHK features them in the next program which will mark the 30th year since NHK first started filming their lives, that Boldo’s household will jump into the grace of God.


Boldo’s back pain seemed worse than I expected. In his house, he uses his bed as a sofa, but when I sat down, it was unstable like a hammock. No wonder why he hurt his back. In addition to backpain, Boldo also has kidney problem. We all prayed for his healing. One thing I was happy from my visit this time was the change I saw in Boldo’s mother. In previous occasions, she had a little bit of sneer on her face as she listened to the stories of faith, but this time, she was listening to the Word of God with a straight face. I heard that last autumn, when the church celebrated Boldo’s baptism, they celebrated the mother’s birthday at the same time. I know that love of God is gradually changing her hearts. I suggested her to be baptized, and she was thinking about it with a serious face. We had such a great time at Boldo’s house. We thought that we will have no time to eat dinner, but the mother cooked for us a dumpling soup using the milk that was being heated on the stove. It tasted like a pork soup and I enjoyed eating it. Actually, I don’t like eating ram meat, so when I go to restaurant, I usually avoid ordering anything to do with ram. But of course, when I visit houses, I cannot even make orders. But having visited Mongolia for the third time, I feel like I’m getting used to all kinds of smells. To think about it, I’m even getting use to the saltiness of the salt milk tea.

Third day (Dec. 31)

Today, we visited the children in Mongol Kids’ House (MKH). These are the children who grew up in manholes. Nowadays, I heard that the government is sealing off many manholes so that people cannot get inside, so people who used to live in manholes are having to live in landing of staircases in apartment buildings. However, these days many apartment blocks have locks, so many people are losing their shelters. There are some few find their way into orphanages and shelters operated by government and other NPOs, but others are living with their partners, or even in the storage for collecting garbage bags in the apartment complexes. So the so-called ‘manhole children’ are decreasing with a rapid pace. And it is difficult to know the accurate number of these children. Sorongo estimated that around 50 or so teenagers who prefer to have more freedom may be still living in manholes. The work of Sorongo, who keeps contact for these unprivileged children, is so precious. The environment for these children that we visited was beyond humane level. 


The door and the wall have no resemblance of what they suppose to look like. Even when they have a young parent, they are also without jobs. They are just living day by day selling gums in the streets. The children who were abandoned by the parents are living with their relatives; in the case of ‘A’ (I must keep anonymity), she was abandoned by the alcoholic mother, and now living with cousins who are 16 and 12 years old. Of course, there is no-one to discipline them. The mother of ‘A’ and ’T’ sisters who are living in a shack-like house was living with a partner that she is not married with. I realized this time that providing support for the mothers and other caretaker is equally important. When I got home, I noticed that it is the New Year’s Eve.  I thought to myself, ‘Kohaku Utagassen’ (a famous end of the year singing show in Japan) must have ended by now. I heard the sound of a noise fire crackers in the streets. I prayed with Menya, offering a prayer of thanksgiving for the whole year to God. 

Fourth day (January 1, 2019)


In the morning, we visited a facility that is similar to MKH established by sister Sorongo and heard about her work. Sorongo is one of the few people approved by the government working in this field. She rents an apartment in the city (5 rooms in total) and just like MKH, takes cares of 18 children who are ages 0 to 7 during the weekdays and sends them back to their houses in the weekend. She also trains parents who do not have income (16 to 20 year olds) with sewing skills so that they can somehow find work. Parents who have no where to go home sometimes stays at her facility. Sister Sorongo has helped me with MKH in the past, training workers, introducing children. This time, she shared with me the knowhow of communicating with government officials. I decided that it is best to collaborate with sister Sorongo in the MKH project. This time we were able to donate 18 blankets to the children at MKH that I brought from Korea. When we closed the meeting with prayer, Sorong burst out crying, probably as she was overwhelmed with the loneliness of fighting this race so far. She was touched that MKH can be her partner. 


The second fellowship I had this day was with pastor Shiho Yata, who has been doing ministry in Mongol for 14 years. The pastor shared with me some valuable information about the country. I found out that the pastor is also involved in a pre-school ministry that helps under privileged children. I hope to see her ministry in my next visit. She also shared her insight about MKH. I was blessed with this meeting as I am so new to this country. 


In the afternoon, I reflected the past one year with Pastor Gana and Pastor Namsly. I was also updated with the financial report. The person in charge of accounting kept all the receipts and wire transfer records for workers were all tidily kept. I also saw the actual government certificate that allows us to do this ministry. We also had an ID to show at the hospital in case the children at MKH needed some care. Thanks to the work of sister Sorongo, MKH is properly functioning and recognized as a NGO. Members were also making the prototype of handmade goods (bags, table cloths, wool slippers, other leather items), so that families related to MKH can become independent from overseas support in the future. I thought that it would be nice if we can tie up with business persons in Japan or Korea. 


The third person I met this day was the person who designed the orphanage at the early stage of MKH project, and who is also helping people who are addicted to alcohol. He made 5 to 6 designs for MKH, but since we are not ready to build a new building yet, we haven’t been able to officially sign the contract with him. Since we haven’t paid him at all so far, we gave him a small gratuitous payment and visited his home. He seemed happy with our hearts.


The fourth person we met is Dr. H who is a missionary from Korea, and who is one of the members that planted the Glory of the Lord Church. In Mongol, he has a otolaryngology practice and working as a doctor. He is also a professor of a medical school. He has been observing our ministry in this past year. He encouraged us by saying that MKH is being led by the Lord and that he would like to fully support us. He said he will also pray that the member of Glory of the Lord church will participate in this project with prayer and service. Before I met him, I was actually worried that he may say a negative things about MKH, but I was thankful to hear all the positive words.

The last day (January 2)

Until yesterday, the children at MKH has been staying in their homes as it was during the New Year’s holiday. But from today, children will be coming to the home. I can see them at last! As I had to catch my flight, I was only able to see four children who came on time. This time, the children ministry from Global Mission Church in Korea made handcrafted cards and gifts. Also the knitting ministry at Fukushima First Baptist Church prepared a lot of hand knitted neck covers and sweaters; we laid them out on the table and played lottery to decide who gets what. The children looked so happy to choose their own favorite colors and shapes, as they rarely have such occasion. Before, the seven kids were sharing two blankets without any soft bedding underneath. This time we brought lots of warm wool blankets, so each child can have his or her own. The old blankets an be used for blankets underneath to sleep on. I also thought that it would be nice if MKH has an air purifier inside, given the horrendous pollution in UB. I’m thinking of giving them a budget to purchase it. These days, the parents themselves bring their kids by riding on the bus, as they realized the merit of sending their children in MKH. But Pastor Namsly’s car is getting really old. I hope we can get a fuel-efficient second-hand car in the future so that he doesn’t have to fear about his car breaking down. 


Through this visit, I was glad to learn that the Mongolian team is doing well, and they are thinking of becoming independent. I also felt that they are so thankful for the support from nations such as Japan, Korean and the U.S.


I’m looking forward to see where God will take us in this year, as we start Dream Together 2000. 



This is my report of the trip.

Please remember us in your prayer this year!


December 19, 2018

Shalom! 2 mothers and 1 father of our kids decided to learn sewing machine.  We purchased second hand sewing machines, but we need to fix them a lot. But if the mothers and father learn how to sew, they can make slippers, wallet, computer cases, ipad cases and so forth of wool and leather.  

Please pray for this!


December 8, 2018

We saw a kids' Christmas performance. We also spent a good time to have delicious food after the performance.


November 14, 2018

The stove was fixed and the rooms were renovated!


November 11, 2018

A couple of days ago, the wall heating system in the Mongol Kids' Home was suddenly collapsed!   But team members served together to repair the heating system and even interior of the home! Beautiful cooperation of the team! Praise the Lord!


Bordoo and Pastor Zunde, “The Glory of the Lord” Community Church, the brother of Pastor Gana helped this work.


November, 2018

Message from pastor David.

Та бүхэнд маш их талархаж байна. Энэ үйлчлэл манай улс оронд нэн шаардлагатай байгаа. Орон гэргүй, ажилгүй, идэх хоол ундгүй хүмүүс олон байна. Тэдний гэр бүл, хүүхдүүдийг хамгаалах гэдэг тийм ч амар ажил биш ээ. Саяхан нэг ТВ-гээр монгол хүмүүсийн 3-ны 1 нь ядуу байна гэж хэлсэн. Магадгүй тэдний нэгэнд би ч орж байж мэднэ. Энэ хэцүү байдлаас гарах юмсан гэж өдөр бүр хичээж байна. Асрамжийн газар, цэцэрлэг хэрэгтэй ч гэр бүлийг босгон байгуулах ухаан хэрэгтэй гэж бодох юм. Энэ ажлыг анх эхлүүлсэн Эко багш, Ганаа пастор нар Монголд ирээд “Таныг юу ч хийсэн дэмжих болно” гэж хэлсэн үг нь надад маш их итгэл, урам зориг болж байгаа. Ийм итгэлээр Монголын олон гэр бүлүүд амар тайван, хайр бялхсан, эрүүл энх гэр бүл болж сэргэх болно. Энэ нийгмийн бий болгосон гудамжны хүүхдүүдийг хамгаалж туслах ажилд гар сунгаж, залбирлаар дэмждэг 730 гаруй хүмүүст, хүн нэг бүрт талархлаа илэрхийлье. Та бүхний тусламжаар бөхөж байсан тэдгээр бяцхан галууд удахгүй дүрэлзэн асах болно. Яагаад гэвэл та бүхэн тийм найдварын очийг асааж өгч байгаа шүү.

English translation:

I am truly grateful for every one of you, and this country has a desperate need for this kind of work.  

Many people do not have homes, nor jobs, nor food to eat, and it is not an easy task to help such families, especially children, in need. I saw on TV the other day that 1/3 of the Mongolian population are at poverty level. The people in Mongolia are striving to get out of this kind of situation. Of course Children's Homes and pre-schools are necessary, but more importantly we believe that we need to build up the family, and are praying for wisdom for this type of work. When Dr. Eiko, who started this project, and Pastor Gana came to Mongolia and told me that they will do whatever they can to support me, I was strongly encouraged and my faith was renewed. When we truly believe from our hearts, I believe that the Mongolian families can be restored to a loving home filled with peace. I thank each of the 730+ prayer warriors who are supporting us through prayer as we work to harbor these children who have become homeless as an outcome of the Mongolian society. With your help, the flame which was once small and dim, will brighten up and burn bright. You see, your support and prayers give hope to their flames and keep their light of hope burning bright.


We have prepared coal and firewood for the winter.

201810-Kids photo.jpeg

October, 2018

We received prayer topics from them. Please pray for them! Prayer topics


Mongol Kids’ Home has been open for a month now.  Many thanks to the many people who have supported us in various ways so far.

Currently, we are taking care of five children, and one was not able to join us because of a cold.


The children are getting a lot brighter in their countenance, compared to when they first came, and they are gaining more weight little by little. Changes are happening; their bad behaviors, such as fighting, cussing, or stealing things, are decreasing and they are getting along better. Some kids even say that they do not want to go back home.


Teachers are praying daily for the children as they serve them.

Following are several prayer requests.


1. Please pray that the children will come to understand that stealing things or violence is a bad thing and that they will not say bad words. And please pray for the mental stability of the children.


2. Please pray for the parents of the children. Home condition is not good; children do not want to go back home on weekends. Various abuses are happening at home. One child has a 2-year-old sister and her mother is begging for us to take the younger sister as well.


3. Please pray for a van. Mongol Kids’ Home is located on the outskirts of town. Vehicles are necessary for many tasks, such as picking up children who come from afar specially in the winter time, meeting up with the parents of children, going grocery shopping, carrying firewood, and taking children out to the city during weekdays, etc. And we are envisioning several programs in the future which will provide a meaningful time for the children with their parents, and which will educate the parents about their roles and how to do them well. We believe that the vehicle will be useful in running such programs as well. Parents of children do not have cell phone or contact number, so if we have any problems or we want to communicate with them, we must visit them.


4. A harsh winter is approaching. Please pray that we will go through it well


We bless your family, work and ministry. Thank you.

September, 2018

The first week at Mongol Kids' Home.

We received prayer topics from them. Please pray for them! Prayer topics


Comment by Izumi Aoyagi at airport

Comment by Tomoko Aoyagi at airport

September, 2018


The facility opening worship of Mongol Kids' Home (English report)  


Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your prayers!

Although it was a short trip, my trip to Mongolia this time was full of wonderful experiences. 

I would like to report on my trip reflecting on my activities. More pictures will be posted on Facebook so please let me know if you are not Facebook friends with me yet. 


1st Day (THU)


I met with the Aoyagis (Members of Christ's Glory Church, a couple whose mission is to encourage all those serving the Lord) at Seoul Inchon Airport and we flew to Ulaanbataar together. Since the Aoyagis had a super busy schedule, I worried if they could come, but thanks to the Lord they were able to come! They sensed the Lord's leading! The 3 of us boarded the same flight, and after 3 and a half hours, around 10pm, we arrived safely at Chinggis Khaan International Airport . Regardless of our late flight, all the leaders of the church had come to greet us and I was touched! We stayed at a guesthouse operated by a Korean Christian. The temperature in Ulaanbataar was already around 3 degrees C (37F) and cold, so we had to dress up for the winter temperature.



2nd Day (FRI)


<Meeting 1>

The guesthouse serves us Korean breakfast, and we started our day with Korean “Gim” (seaweed). I met with the leaders from the Lord's Glory Church for our first meeting from 9 am. I shared what has been happening in Japan and the US, showing the website Home Page which was well developed in 6 months. And the local staff reported on the activities in Mongolia. Our project direction was slightly changed, and we decided to focus on “The children of the Manhole Children.” The Manhole children, who are still teenagers or in their 20s, are having babies in inadequate environment, and we decided to have a 24 hour “Child Care” facility to take in these children. The system would work so that the children can go back to their parents from Friday night and during the weekend, and if they did not have parents, the children would just stay there. We anticipate that it would be difficult for the parents to come pick up their children every weekend since their residing area is far from our home. There is a possibility of the parents leaving their children if we do not help them with transportation. We foresaw the great need for a vehicle to take the children to/from.


<Visit to the Facility>

The site proposed for the facility is about 6 km (3.7 miles) from the city center of Ulaanbaatar. A wonderful couple named Mr. and Mrs. Chukka, who owns a land enough for 3 generations to live on, kindly let us use a building that they were not using. The lease terms were great, and they would lend it to us for free the first year, and we could decide whether to lease it or buy it in the 2nd year. When we first looked inside the building, it was pretty shocking; the walls were torn, the flooring were rippled, there were uncovered bricks, an unprotected fireplace, furniture with sharp edges, and obvious danger for having children around. We knew right away a lot of renovation and repairs need to be done. The 2 rooms were about 6 tatamis (106 sq. ft.) and 8 tatamis (142 sq. ft.). The Chukkas liked living a simple life, and the land had plenty of trees. Some of the trees produced fruits during the different seasons, and they said they would share their life in the nature with the kids. I was just grateful for them to open up their land and house to the manhole children, but when I heard their way of living and their understanding of our project, I was very impressed. Mr. Chukka speaks English well, and is intellectual who used to work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I was touched to see that God sent such wonderful people for our project.



There was big celebration for an ordination ceremony for 3 people that night. About 90 people attended wearing their formal clothes, there were many Korean missionaries in the event, too. The ceremony was deeply moving. Pastor David Namsrai, one of those ordained, is the head leader for the “Mongolia Kids’ Home” Project, and this was the perfect timing for him to be ordained right before our project launched. Pastor Namsrai said that he thinks about this project day and night, and I could see the passion in his eyes.  



3rd Day (SAT)

<Visiting Boldoo>

We visited Boldoo's tire repair shop. It is a small repair shop made up in a container vessel. Tomoko found Boldoo's bible on the greased table! I was over excited that a guy who couldn't read was saved and now reads so much of the bible! After I watched him do a good job at fixing the tire, we went together to his mother's yurt. His mom welcomed us and we had a good time of fellowship. His mother pointed to her chest and said “I believe Jesus Christ in my heart,” so I shared with her the importance of living according to the word, and to receive baptism as part of it and to receive the promised of the eternal life. Sadly, she told me that she wasn't ready to be baptized yet. It seems the time hasn't come yet. But I was delighted to hear Boldoo mention with a sad expression on his face, “I've been trying to tell mom the same thing, but she hasn't accepted it yet.” I felt the spirit working through both of us when I heard him sharing the gospel with his family!


<Visiting a Church Member>

One of the sisters at church invited us to a traditional Mongolian meal. The main meal uses lamb meat, and Mongolian custom is to use chopsticks and a knife at meal tables. When I asked how we cut up such a big chunk of meat, Pastor Gana cut it up into small pieces tactfully right before my eyes. He then cut off any remaining slices of meat from the bones. Mr.Aoyagi was excited to see the clean bone, and took a photo with the cleaned bone. LOL



4th Day (The Lord's Day)

<Preparation for the Opening Worship>


We left early for the 9 am Opening worship service. We stopped by the Onnuri Mission Center on our way to pick up the tables and the chairs and other things we needed. There I saw Dasha joining the worship. I was worried how he was these days since I heard he couldn't come to church recently, but I was delighted to see him at the Opening Worship. When I smiled at him, he shyly smiled back. I hugged him, but as usual, he just stood there shyly, and I thought to myself it was the same old Dasha. But he had a good smile on his face!

The dreary backyard was changed into a wonderful setting in a short period of time. We put up chairs, a banner, a table, and the tea setting had Japanese snacks brought by the Aoyagis, and the table was decorated with goodie bags for the kids, toothbrush sets, origami, and folded cranes.



<Facility Opening Worship Service>

We had worship songs, prayer, and explanation for the project, and the sermon was about “unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies.” After that we exchanged MOUs  presented a memento plate, did a ribbon cut, appointed the staff, and introduced the children and prayed for them.

I was touched during the staff commission, and the staff members who understood the importance of their role responded to their calling with tears. Many of the attendees who were watching were also in tears! I could see the Lord's presence fill this opening service. One of the Mongolians who attended was a retired pastor, and he came to us and said that “Mongolians should be involved in this project!” and that “I will be that first one!” Then he offered a bill that was the largest bill in Mongolian currency. He also said “Right now, there is only one bill, but this is only the start. I will continue offering!”

<Sunday Worship at the Lord's Glory Church>

Pastor Gana led the service and my heart burned with passion when I heard the powerful worship songs led by his younger brother Pastor Tsunde. I was given the opportunity to give the sermon and share my testimony. I shared how I started to get involved in the project. I also showed 2 pictures of Boldoo from the past, and wanted him to be filled with thanks with how his life has changed, but it seems it was a painful memory for him. Although I asked him a permission beforehand, he had a sad face when I showed these photos, and I felt very sorry. But when we had lunch together afterwards, he told me, “ Miss Eiko, I feel my life now is like a dream. I couldn't even imagine I can live this kind of life back then.” I told him half apologizingly that it was a blessing that even those pictures helped him recognize and appreciate how he has changed.

Dasha didn't seem so nervous this time, and he smiled at me sometimes. He even sat next to me and ate from the same plate. After our meal we visited Dasha's home. His kids looked well and were bigger, and they loved the bubbles kit that the Aoyagis brought.


The reason why Dasha couldn't come to church lately was because his garbage collection job ends around 5am on Sunday morning, and he has 3 kids including a 6 month old baby, and can't leave the house much. Of course, I understood that they didn't have a car, and it was difficult for them to come such a long distance. So I decided to give gas money to one of the church members so that he drive the Dasha’s family to/from their house. When Dasha's wife knew about this, she screamed “Oh that is wonderful! I really wanted to go to church.” The Aoyagis offered a gift of music, we all prayed prayers for blessing, took a picture and went home. They came to the end of the fence and waived their hands until we could not see each other.



5th Day (Monday)

Although it was a busy weekend, Pastor David Namsrai spoke passionately about this project and wanted to discuss the project direction. Since this was the most important part of my visit, I told him “As many hours as you want!” We then had a meeting with Solongo, who is a specialist for the Manhole Children, who gave training and seminars for this project.

We had great discussions and many hours passed by quickly! I think we were able to discuss well about the direction of this project.

I was delighted to see Pastor Namsrai wants to share this project and raise supporters in Mongolia itself! 

It also made me happy when Pastor Gana suggested that the land next to the current house might be available for use for the “future 2nd and 3rd facility.” It seems like the vision for the future is expanding.

We had more discussions at the cafe while waiting for our midnight flight, and went to the airport around 9pm. To my surprised some of the leaders of the Lord's Glory Church were at the airport with their kids to say good bye to us! I was deeply touched by their love and passion, and kept waiving my hand until I could no longer see them. I could tell that the warmth of the Aoyagis had touched everyone we met!

Mostly I think it was only possible through the strong prayers of the over 500 prayer warriors we have!



We thank all of you who are part of Dream Together1000, from the bottom of our hearts!

Eiko Takamizawa

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August, 2018

We received ​some reflections from the members and leaders at "The Glory of the Lord" Community Church in Mongolia ​who attended child protection training.

By D. Nyamsuren

I learned that the child protection is very sophisticated task. It is very important to work from the bottom of my heart as their own mother and to show the love of God. This ministry should be led by God, not by our own desires, and we should pray hard every day for the ministry. 

By J. Oyunbileg

I have learned the actual situation of manhole kids in Mongolia. It is very important to pray hard when we go against the strongholds of our enemy. Prayer supporters are needed while we fight for manhole kids. 

By P. Sunjidmaa

My vision and courage was redefined. I understood that this is from God and it is his command, so I have to do it. I understood more about the attacks of our enemy and he is real and there is spiritual warfare, but I had no fear to face it. I understood that we must be clever and do the right thing. I believe that God will provide our needs as we pursue God’s righteousness and his kingdom as in Matthew 6:33. I need to be watchful as I work at the child care center and I need prayer for my families. I understood that it is important to have certain knowledge about Mongolian laws and regulation and we should be smart on how to work in society. We should watch out steps as we go forward. 

I used to work at orphanage before and I try not to have same errors I made during my years there. I try to establish the relationship with those kids who are grown-ups now. I am usually in contact with them. When I see these grown up young men and women, they still have the feeling and hurt that they were neglected and abandoned by those who work for them. Therefore, I contacted some of them and asked for forgiveness and I prayed with them. 

By B. Sunjidmaa

I have understood many things. It is important to have a simple, kind, and caring heart toward the manhole kids and be close to them and understand their hearts. I understood that there are five abuses toward kids. They are physical, sexual, spiritual, emotional, and social abuses. We cannot criticize and bully them. It brings so much hurt to them. I found out that we had a child protection law which was more biblical in 1989 but it did not work out. It is important to encourage kids, and example the love of God. Every child needs peaceful time and warm space to live. The trust in God and the love of God will bring healing and restoration to the manhole children. 

By U. Tungalagtuul

I have learned valuable things when I attended this child protection training: 

1. This is a fierce spiritual warfare. We need to have strong prayer supporters behind us. Especially, we need to pray for our family protection while we work. 

2. Though Mongolia had a very good child protection law and environment, they failed to inform and educate the mass and due to lack of implementation of this law, many children was abused, victimized, and remained unprotected. Right now, there are about 330 children on the street. 

3. We need to learn more about child protection law and need to push government local offices and officers to implement this law well. 

4. Why do we need to this ministry for manhole children? It is the command of God to take care of them and it is the social or mercy ministry of the church. 

Personal reflection: I felt that our church members and leaders should recheck whether we have the passion for this ministry or not. This ministry will stop if we start because someone asked us to start and promise to support it. But if our church accepts the calling of God and have vision for manhole kids, even though we do not have fund and support, we can devote our selves and it can be done. So, we need have one mind and dedication for this ministry. Once we recruit manhole children and if this ministry stops, those kids will have more difficult time and they will hurt, so we should be very cautious and thoughtful on our every step. Even though we believe that God will provide, we must cannot reject the real situation. These include housing, protection, and human force etc. 

There are so many things that we need to work on and improve as we do the ministry. I understood from the teacher that we must be well prepared to do this ministry. 

Lastly, it seems to me that we are in so much hurry.