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Mongol Kids' Home
Representative of the mongolian team

Gan-Otgon Lkhagvasure, Representative of the Mongolia Team

"The Glory of the Lord" Community Church

"My name is Gan-Otgon Lkhagvasuren and everybody calls me Ganaa. I am the pastor of Seobingo Onnuri Mongolian Community currently. I studied at Torch Trinity Graduate University in Korea.
"My home church in Mongolia is "The Glory of the Lord" Community Church which was planted in 2010. We have several ministries for local Mongolian people to reach each and everyone with Gospel of Christ.
"And I am so glad and thankful that God is leading us to start a ministry for manhole children. It has been a wonderful work of God that has amazed all of us. It's a wonderful story you can read on this website.
"I am so grateful for Dr. Eiko Takamizawa for praying faithfully for Mongolian manhole children for 20 years. And I am so grateful for all my Japanese brothers and sisters who are committed to do the will of God."

"I am married, with 7 children aged 2-17-years old. My wife, B. Selengee, and I adopted 4 children last year."

Eiko Takamizawa
Mongol Kids' Home representative of the Supporting team

Dr. Eiko Takamizawa, Representative of the Supporting team


Welcome, and thank you for visiting our website! 


In Mongolia, homeless kids are called “Manhole Children,” as they seek shelter in the sewers, the only source of heat to survive the frigid winter of Mongolia where the temperature drops down to -30°C/-22°F.  Today, more than 100 kids live in this poor habitat with no decent light, hygiene or safety, because they have nowhere else to go.


All children have the right to be protected and raised in love from their parents and family.  Manhole Children, however, help one another and live each day knowing no parental love. All they know is the psychological wound from being abandoned by their parents.

"I believe that all children are born with the life, gifts and talents that were given by our great Creator.  Each and every one of the children living inside those manholes have the future and hopeful plans that God intended for them.  It is my wish that they are all restored to the original image of God, can use their God-given life, gifts and talents, and live a life with purpose and joy to make a difference in the world. 

This project aims to support Mongolian Manhole Children through prayers and actions, so that they can experience the hope that the Creator has in store for them. 

I hope you will share in this vision and join us."

Dr. Eiko Takamizawa is from Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan.  She received her Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies at Trinity International University in the United States.  Dr. Eiko served as Professor of Intercultural Studies at Torch Trinity Graduate University in Seoul, Korea.

Izumi&Tomoko Aoyagi, Chair Assistant and Goodwill Ambassador

”I hope this is the starting point. Because there are still many children!” (Local female staff)

"I think I see the light from the next generation, more so than mine." (Grandfather who brought the child)

"Although we may not be able to do great things, we pray that we will give to the Lord our possible best today. Thank you very much." (Izumi & Tomoko)

Reiko Maruyama, Representative assistant

"Dr. Takamizawa always shares God’s wondrous work and blessings with me.  I learned about the Manhole Children and would like to help in any way I can."


Member of JECA Kofu Christ Evangelical Church and resides in Yamanashi.

Shinichi Takahashi, Adviser

“Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. “ (Mark 16:15).  It was 1994 when I first received the heart to pray for Mongol. I visited the country in 2000 for the first time. Since 2012, I have been serving in Mongol as a missionary, and have served in Ulan Bator region. From 2017, I have served as both a pastor and a missionary, going back and forth between Japan and Mongol. I took this role of an adviser, hoping to use what little experience I have for God. Mongol is a land of nomads, which creates its own culture. Even in the modernized age, their culture and mentality are influenced by nomadic lifestyle. I hope to be the bridge between two cultures. I pray that the day will come when adults and children, both in Japan and Mongol can live in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. 


Graduated from Kansai Bible in 1995. Missionary in Mongol from Japan Antioch Mission. 

Pastor of JEC Misaki Gospel Church.

Setsu Shimizu (JCFN), Collaborator

"I took a step of faith to join this great ministry with hopes of being a support in any way possible for those children who are fighting to live even facing such huge obstacles of lives and society in Mongolia.  This is such a great opportunity to serve ministries for Mongolia with people from Mongolia, Korea, Japan, America and others.  I have a lot to learn but am looking forward to be a part of this great ministry."

Minoru Tajima, Collaborator

Church Household of God is the only one in Japan that offers Mongolian worship.

In 2018, when I was invited to MCAK (Mongolian Christian Association in Korea), I heard that they were praying for Mongolians to be able to worship in Japan.

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 in 2020, the Mongolian pastor could not be dispatched to Japan, and the service was temporarily suspended. However, I deliver sermons in Japanese, and the Mongolian sisters interpret, the service resumed. As the result, the monthly service became weekly. One person baptized this year.

If you know Mongolians living in Japan, please introduce our church to them.

Profile: Pastor of Church Household of God

Japan Treasurer

Haruko Ishibashi

"We learned about the Manhole Children through the NHK documentary aired in 2018. Since I visited watoto village, I’ve always been thinking how to help the children who cannot receive the love from their parents. God answered my prayer."

Japan​ Office Assistant​

Makoto Morisawa

"I am so happy to meet Jesus Christ and was saved through His Gospel. 

I do not know what I am doing today if I did not start this path! I am so happy to be in this path! I would like to serve for Mongol Kids' Home as my gratitude to this grace I received!"

Japan​ Office Assistant

Marie Ishibashi.jpeg

Marie Ishibashi

"Thank you for being involved in the work for the future of children!"

profile:Korean Christian Church in Japan

Publication & Prayer/Fund Raising Staff (Eastern US)


Yoshi&Koyko Oshimizu

"We have never heard 'Manhole Children' until we heard Rev. Takamizawa’s testimony. We didn’t know so many children are under such a severe and hopeless circumstances. We believe she is responding God’s call. We pray and look for what we can do for them and this ministry."


Member of Times Square Church, in Manhattan NY

Publication & Prayer/Fund Raising Staff (Japan)


Yasuko Osara

"I would like to serve together with the team to find out what we can do for the children who live with faithfully and bravely  in small corners of the world."

Member of Zenkoku Tomo-no-Kai.

Publication & Prayer/Fund Raising Staff (Midwestern US)


Maki Umakoshi

"I want to constantly remind myself that serving the children in Mongolia is the same as serving Jesus (Matthew 25:40). It is an honor to be able to serve in this ministry."


Hikari City Church(Plymouth),  Pastor

Publication & Prayer/Fund Raising Staff

​ (Japan/Abroad)

2020-02-26 01.27.11.jpg


"We are so excited to be part of this wonderful endeavor. Each of us might be small, but when we come together, our Lord will do mighty things in our midst through us and in us. Let us become game changers. We are asking the Lord to use us to bring His love and grace to our friends around us. We hope you will join us in our solidarity to help our little friends in Mongolia."

Korea Office / Treasurer


​Kyoko Osara

"I would like to join this project team with a prayer: May my little faithfulness be of help in saving precious lives of Mongolian Manhole Children."

Member of Manna Church, Korea, and of Zenkoku Tomo-no-Kai (Seoul). 

Korea Office Assistant

​Prayer Coordinator


​Sayaka Tokushima

"I will pray together with all supporters that more children and more families in Mongolia will be saved."

​Member of Global Mission Church(Japanese Congregation), Korea, and of Zenkoku Tomo-no-Kai (Seoul).

​ Mongolia team member


Leadership team

(Upper left) Gantulga(maintenance and staff care) / David Tsendee(pastor of the Glory of the Lord Community Church)

Ireedui(specialist at Ministry of Education) / Solongo(local leader in charge of all activities) / J. Oyunbileg(treasurer) (Lower right)


Javzmaa (manager of Gate of Hope)


Mongol Kids' Home, Staff members

(Upper left) Oyuna (treasurer and educational manager) / Chinzul (cook) / Ahanshagai (teacher)

Suglegmaa (welfare specialist and social worker) / Gantulga(maintenance and business manager)


 (Lower left) Shine chimeg (assistant teacher) / Gantsetseg (teacher) / Batzaya (teacher)

“For I know the plans I have for you...

plans for welfare and not for evil,

plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11 (Old Testament)

*Chair of the Mongolia Team: Gan-Otgon Lkhagvasuren(Gana)

*Representative of the Supporting Team: Dr. Eiko Takamizawa

*Chair Assistant and Goodwill Ambassador: Izumi&Tomoko Aoyagi

* Representative assistant: Reiko Maruyama

*Japan Office: Haruko Ishibashi, Makoto Morisawa, Marie Ishibashi

*Korea Office: Kyoko Osara, Sayaka Tokushima, Hyeon Jeong Im

*Publication & Prayer/Fund Raising Staff: Yoshi&Kyoko Oshimizu(Eastern US), Maki Umakoshi(Midwestern), Yasuko Osara(Japan), Nick&Hanna(Abroad)

*Mongolia Team: GGana, Tsende, Solongo, Javzmaa, Oyuna, Gantulga, Suglegmaa, Ahanshagai, Chinzul, Shine chimeg, Gantsetseg, Batzaya 

*Instructor: Shinichi Takahashi

*Collaborator: Setsu Shimizu(JCFN), Minoru Tajima


*Pastor Gan-Otgon Lkhagvasuren (Phone: +82-10-2190-9304)

*Dr. Eiko Takamizawa (Phone: +81-70-3288-7740 / e-mail:

*Japan Office: Dr. Eiko Takamizawa (Phone: +81-70-3288-7740)

​(Address: F-421, 2-1, Hara, Inzai-shi, Chiba, Japan, 〒270-1335)

*Korea Office: Kyoko Osara (Phone: +82-10-6624-0321)

(Address: 402-708, Byoksan Apt., 41, Yonggu-daero 2801 beon-gil, Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea)


​ “Mongolian Kids' Home” project team

​Terms of Operation

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Accounting business agreement

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