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August 2023

The report of the trip to Mongolia featured in 『婦人之友』.
September 2023 issue of "婦人之友 / Women's Friend / Fujin-no-tomo” magazine. (Only Japanese) 

August 2022

New publication『Eiko世界をゆく! おもしろワクワク旅日記』

Eiko世界をゆく! おもしろワクワク旅日記』(Only Japanese) by Eiko Takamizawa


In July 2022, a book written by Dr. Eiko Takamizawa, the representative of the MKH supporting team, was published.


Here are the author's words:


“This book shows the records of the amazing acts of God that I experienced during my 30-year journey. I would be happy if you could read it when you have time and then pass it on to your non-Christian friends! I would like to use part of the earnings for MKH activities.”

You can buy this book on Amazon Japan.

Go to Amazon site

2021. 12

“Boldoo and Dasha - Manhole Children, 20 years after” will be aired in Japan.

The details are as follows: 

Monday, January 3, 10:30am (for 110 min). NHK BS1 . 

2021. 11

The testimony of MKH was posted on the Living Life December 2021 vol.

Writer Takamizawa Eiko


2020. 12

CGN Japan featured Mongol Kid's Home


CGN Japan featured Mongol Kid's Home for two weeks through their program called “Kuri-navi.”

Pastor Mitsuki Senoo actually saw our facility and decided to introduce our project.

You can watch the program here.

CGNTV YouTube channel(Japanese):


2020. 1

“Boldoo and Dasha - Manhole Children, 20 years after”
will be aired in Japan.

The details are as follows: 

Tuesday, January 21, 7pm (for 110 min). NHK BS1 Special. 

This documentary won a grand prize in the TV/documentary category of the Arts Festival sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
This is the fourth award.



2019. 7

“Boldoo and Dasha - Manhole Children, 20 years after” received a grand prix award from the Cable Network Association of Japan.


Website of the Cable Network Association(Japanese)

2019. 7

“Boldoo and Dasha - Manhole Children, 20 years after” will be aired for the 7th time in Japan.

The details are as follows: 


Thursday, July 18, 6pm (for 110 min). NHK BS1 Special. 

2019. 6

What we can do to secure a safe environment for the children in Mongolia

As we live in this internet age, we are really blessed to be able to retriever and share information quickly across borders. It is true that our project has certainly benefited from access to various media through the web. However, sometimes because the information spreads so rapidly, we end up violating human rights are violated without noticing. With this in mind, we decided to amend our operational policies as follows:


  1. We strictly forbid download and sharing of TV documentary on ‘manhole children’ aired in Japan


The producer of the program ‘Manhole Children - 20 years after’ has arranged that it’s program will not be accessible from within Mongolia. This was to protect the privacy of the persons contained in the documentary. We have already seen the downloaded versions of this program on various SNS platforms without consent and is causing many problems. Please do understand that by sharing these documents, we are putting the lives of the children in our home at risk. 


2. We will not share any personal information


In order to protect the privacy and the safety of children in our home, we will not share any information regarding the children who are accommodated at our home and any information regarding our supporters. 


3. We will not mediate or arrange meetings and financial transactions


All of our support activities are conducted through the local management organization. Please do not try to send support directly to any individual connected to this project. 



Thank you so much for your understanding to our policies.


The team at Mongol Kids' Home

2019. 5

NHK Broadcasting Grand Winner, 

Galaxy Award winner, Television Special Program Award

Re-run of the special program by NHK General Terrestrial Broadcasting!

"Boldoo and Dasha ~ The Manhole Children's past 20 years"

The documentary program lead Boldoo and Dash to earn NHK General Broadcast Grand Award and Galaxy Award, a televison special award sponsored by a broadcasting commentary committee.  This lead to re-run of the original documentary program on NHK general terrestrial broadcast.  


NHK General Channel, Saturday June, 8th, 1:15AM (100 minute with no interruptions), or on Sunday June 9th 1:15AM

The website of the documentary program producer:

2019. 4
Rebroadcast: "Boldoo and Dasha ~ The Manhole Children's past 20 years"

*Rebroadcast date and time

NHK BS1 "BS1 Special" 

Friday, April 26

PM 8:00~

※This documentary-related article was published on April 20, 2019 (Saturday) in the evening newspaper Asahi Shimbun.

Paid articles from here→​

※This documentary was awarded the NHK broadcasting Director-General grand prize.

Related articles from here→


Here are some comments from the NHK documentary <Minna no Review>.(Japanese)



















Regarding illegal distribution of the recent documentary program on Mongol Kids Home.


Thank you so much for your messages regarding the recent airing of documentary on Manhole Children in Japan. The producing company of this program notified us that in order to prevent the viewing within Mongolia, NHK is not airing this outside of Japan. This is to protect Boldo and Dasha and their family and children from being victimized in anyway. However, we have seen the whole program being shared on social media including Facebook and Youtube, and the program can be viewed within Mongolia already. The producing company filed a complaint to NHK and requested them to remove these videos being shared on SNS. 


We, the Mongol Kids’ Home, would like to pay a special respect to the producing company of this documentary and do our best to protect the children in Mongolia by protecting the copy rights of this program. 


I ask for your cooperation in this regard.


From the staff members of Mongol Kids’ Home.

2019. 2

Rebroadcast: "Boldoo and Dasha ~ The Manhole Children's past 20 years"

*Rebroadcast date and time

NHK BS1 "BS1 Special" 

Saturday, February 16

PM 3:00~

スクリーンショット 2019-01-08 23.43.23.png

2019. 1

A documentary titled 'Boldoo and Dasha ~ The Manhole Children's past 20 Years' was broadcasted at NHK BS 1.

"Boldoo and Dasha ~ The Manhole Children's past 20 years"

*Broadcast date and time

NHK BS1 "BS1 Special" 

Saturday, February 9

PM 7:00~7:50 (first part)

 (7:50~8:00 News)

PM 8:00~8:49 (second part)

*Please search the program homepage & CM with "ボルトとダシャ~マンホールチルドレン20年の軌跡~".

*Movie "Manhole children" Homepage

September, 2018

・This project was introduced in the news letter vol.82 of TOKYO PRAYER CENTER. (Japanese only) Letter (PDF file)

August, 2018

・Kick Off Meeting at Tokyo held in July was broadcasted by Japan CGNTV. (Japanese only) Link

・Mongol Kids' Home Project was introduced in the Christian. ( a Japanese leading Christian Newspaper)

 August 2, 2018 Link

 August 12, 2018(Detail of August 2 version) Link

・This project was introduced in the monthly report of TWM, TOKYO PRAYER CENTER. (Japanese only) Link

CGN FOCUS マンホール・チルドレン
クリスチャン新聞 モンゴルキッズの家
TPC女性メッセンジャーの会 モンゴルキッズの家
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