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Supporting Organizations and Artists

These are the organizations and artists who are supporting us.

Tokyo Prayer Center




The Grace and Mercy Foundation in Japan




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Keiko Takenouchi(Vocalist)


Raised in Tokyo. Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music. Graduated from Euodia Academy. Soprano, solo vocalist. Gospel singer. Voice trainer. Released “Going Home”, a black soul music, “My Fortress”, a jazz ballad. The representative of Anah Music Ministry. Lecturer in vocal class at Tokyo Graduate School of Theology. Director of Hallelujah Gospel Family.

Jesus Loves You​

by Keiko Takenouchi

Kaori Sion(Flute, Missionary) (Official website)


Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts High School, obtained BA and MA from the same school. Travelled to Europe and learned under th renowned flautist. M. Moyse. Completed a master course. Won many international awards including the seventh Chinese Wall International Competition, NHK Wester Music Audition, Geneve International Music Festival, among others. Through invitation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs played in over 24 countries. Performed in front of the Japanese imperial palace. Played in over 2000 chapels all around the world.  Currently, sitting as the judge of Japan Classical Music Association,  teaching at a Japan Baptist seminary, MFLC and Euodia Academy.  Special lecturer at Kenya Koinonia Education Center, Japan Word of Life Press special lecturer, leading SION Wind Praise Ministry. Assistant pastor of Shinagawa Christ Church, Has been featured in various media aroudn the world incudng NHK, Switzerland national TV and many otehrs. Published 13 original CDs, including the album 'Bless You.' Author of the book "I hear the sound of love. (Word of Life Press)" In 2018, toured in Brazil through the Japanese Immigration society. In 2019, played in a concert in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlant and Hawaii. Hunger Zero Ambassador (Japan International Food for the Hungry).


・Amazing Grace  

・Vivaldi Cardellino

・As the Deer


After graduating from Osaka Music University, studied in France. Taught under Germaine Mounier while in École Normale de Musique de Paris. Played in many competitions in and outside of Japan. Travels around Japan and Korea and the US to play in many concerts. Frequently invited to speak at universities in Korea and plays a very important role making bridges between Japan and Korea. Published a total of 8 CDs, which are listened by many Korean stars known in Japan. Released a new album in 2016 “Kanaderu Aino Uta”. Plays the grace of God through skills trained in France and his Korean passion. Sits as a judge for Osaka International Music Competition. Cooperative visionary to JEMS.

Goodwill ambassador to Japan International Food for the Hungry.

Kaori Mukahi(Gospel singer)


Sings in a transparent but yet a strong voice that flows like a large river, a Gospel singer loved by many people. Graduated from Osaka Educational University, School of Music. Sings not only classical music, but also pop and gospel. Performs not only in Japan, but also in Korea, North America, Europe.

Director of choir director of international festivals. Recorded solo album “PRESENCE”, produced by Jeff Nelson.

The cover version of this album is sold in Korea. One of her collaboratio album “In You” has received awards from Words of Life Press Gospel Award. Her book “Eternal Hand” has received many acclaim, giving hope to people seeking healing.

Migiwa(Gospel singer, Songwriter) website)


Her voice is pure, but carries a strong flow of a big river. Migiwa is a gospel singer loved by many. Graduated from Osaka Education University, vocal degree. Received a masters from the same university. Trained in classic music, her voice covers a wide range and holds diverse repertoire from classics to pops and even gospel music. 

Migiwa is not only active in Japan, but has done tours overseas including Korea, North America, Europe. She also sung solo in international festivals and directed the choir. She recorded a solo album ‘presence’ produced by Jeff Nelson. This album is sold in Korea as a cover. She also recorded her songs in the album ‘In You’, which is a collaboration album with Jeff Nelson. This album won the gold award organized by Word of Life Press under the CCM category, and silver under the general albums category. Her book ‘eternal hands’ received a large acclaim, and continues to bring hope to the people who are seeking healing in their hearts.

Kyoko Uryu(Director / Screenwriter / Musician) website)


Wonderful World

Words: Akiko Nishimura, Kyoko Uryu

Song: Kyoko Uryu

Mixing: Kenichi Tanikawa
Sing: Kyoko Uryu

Born in November 1, 1977 in Tokyo. Graduated from Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin High School, graduated from Chuo University Faculty of Law, Department of Law, dropped out of Kanagawa University Law School, entered and left the Haiyuza Research Institute.

Started classical piano at the age of 3. While studying law at university, he was in charge of the piano in the gospel club activity, expanding the range of performances from classical to pop and rock. Gospel performances toured churches in Europe, America, and Korea, including Germany, France, England, and the Czech Republic. At the same time as aiming to pass the bar exam with the goal of becoming a public prosecutor, in 2004 he joined the theater company Haiyuza Directing Department and expanded his field of activity to the stage. After entering Kanagawa University Law School and studying law again, he realized that what he wanted to do for the rest of his life was expression through music and art. Decided to go. Through live performances and stage production, she has worked on numerous scripts, productions, lyrics, compositions, arrangements, etc. She also performs live on the actual stage, which is one of the characteristics of Kyoko Uryu Music Entertainment.

Has a close relationship with South Korea and is actively engaged in creative activities for the purpose of cultural exchange. Akiko Nishimura, a gospel singer living in New York, started as a member of the unit "The salt of the earth mission (SOTE) in the winter of 2017. She has a deep desire to create works for the children who will carry the future. We are expanding the range of activities, such as supporting elementary school arts festivals as an advisor.

Representative works include "Scrooge"(2013-2015), "DANIEL"(2016), "A Christmas Carol Masterpiece; on the Battlefield" (Winter 2017), "Pilgrimage", "Creation"(Spring 2018), "Estelle"(Spring 2019), etc.

DUO  TAKASE(Violine & Piano) website)



​ performed by Duo Takase

Formed in Osaka in 1985. Since then, they have expanded their activities not only in Japan, but also in Europe, New Zealand, and the United States. The performance style covers a wide range from non-genre, enka to classical.

Makoto Takase is in charge of the violin. After graduating from the Music High School attached to Osaka College of Music, studied at the Vienna City Conservatory in Austria for five years.

Performed at Carnegie Hall as a concertmaster of the Japan-US Friendship Orchestra, and performed as a guest concertmaster of the Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra. Currently working as a freelance performer. Makiki Seijo Christ Church Music Missionary (Oahu, Hawaii), Music Director of Kitahama International Bible Church

Mizue Takase is in charge of the piano. Entered Sapporo Otani Junior College Music Department Piano Course.

Received 3rd place (no 1st place) in the special category of the Nakahoku Japan Piano Competition while still a student. After graduating from the same school, he performed well in an evening of orchestral music and four pianos by members of the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra.

Participated in the Vienna Summer Music Seminar. During that time, he appeared on Austrian national television. Currently, as a chorus instructor and accompaniment pianist, he is actively teaching younger students. Makiki Seijo Christ Church Music Missionary (Oahu, Hawaii), Music Director of Kitahama International Bible Church

The concept of DUO TAKASE's concert is "Let's enjoy music!" While traveling around Japan, I enjoy music with everyone I meet at that time and place, regardless of the place. The style is also accepted overseas, and I go to the United States every year.

From 2003 to 2017, he has been giving concerts in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, North & South Carolina, and Tennessee.

* Church-related: On December 21, 1997, the United Church of Christ in Japan was baptized at the Marana Ta Church in Hirakata City, Osaka Prefecture.

* Mari Takase completed the pastoral course at JTJ Missionary Seminary in 2003. In 2005, he was ordained as a pastor.

* From 2005, the base of the traveling music evangelism will be moved from Japan to the Makiki Seijo Christian Church in Oahu, USA.

* In March 2007, he was dispatched to Japan as a music missionary for Makiki Seijo Christ Church.


Currently, they have released 7 CDs. "Greetings of Love", "IN LOVE", "Joy of Love", "Gaze of Love", "My Tribute Balhaba"



Born in Tokyo. Graduated from Sungkyunkwan University, master course in art history, and completed a doctoral course in aesthetics at Seoul National University. After working at the National Museum, expanded her field of activity to lectures on Japanese art history. At the same time, she continued to translate Japanese and Korean culture and art-related books. While living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, second largest city, for two years, I had the opportunity to teach young people paper crafts and illustrations as a volunteer. Experience the same activity in Myanmar. Through her volunteer work, she became interested in child rearing environments and youth employment issues. Currently, she is continuing her studies while working in order to obtain a social worker qualification.

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