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A gift of quilts to Mongolia

At the Mount Harmon retreat in the summer of 2022, I listened to Ms. Eiko Takamizawa's talk about the Mongolian kids, and I couldn't get my mind off the children I saw at that time.

When I thought about what I could do, the quilts I made as a hobby came to mind.

The quilt I had been making while praying, "Please make the work of our hands solid" (Psalm 90:17).

I immediately consulted with the sisters in the quilt group at the church, and they agreed without hesitation. Also, when I consulted with a professional friend who has a quilt sewing machine for finishing, she agreed with me. I made it.

I was at a loss when it came to mailing it from the US.

Hallelujah! The love of the Lord moves people and spreads without stopping. I hope the quilt arrives safely. I hope I can make people smile. the Lord is love I am grateful to the Lord who controls everything.


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