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Amakusa Report by Ambassador Aoyagi

Dear loving team members,

Thank you for your prayers!

We are now in the bus heading back to the airport. Our hearts are filled with wonderful memories, thanksgiving and a little bit of tiredness with good feeling. In this trip we met Pastor Shibazaki and she came all the way to the airport to see us off! She is 86 yeras old and serving as an Honary pastor now. When we shared about Mongol Kids Home project, she said, " God gave me a new place to serve! with a glow in her eyes! The young pastor for Hondo Christ Church told us he studied from Eiko sensei in the seminary in Komagome (Tokyo) before. God is wonderfully connecting us in this way!

At Airin Kindergarten in Ushibuka Christ Church, Principle Takemoto and 7 other teachers prayed for us. Especially, it was so nice to see lovely pupils in the kindergarten prayed for Mongolian children in their cute voices. These are speicial present from God to us. The Principal put our leaflet to the golden color coin box for special donation. At the Hondo Christ Church, God sent us more people than we expected and the leaflets were not enough. We are going to meet one more important sister in Kumamoto. Please pray with us!

With Gratitude.

All Glory to the Lord! Izumi & Tomoko


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