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Christmas Service at Seinan Jo Gakuin

On December 17, we had an opportunity to speak at Seinan Jo Gakuin at their Christmas service. We received a letter from the head of facility and we just wanted to introduce that to you.

“Praise the holy name of the Lord. I watched the Christmas service video. I was thankful to learn how God change the heart from the Manhole Children from darkness to light and was so touched to hear how they have been growing. I’m moved by the love of God who looks after the small ones.

The children looked like the shepherd who first heard the gospel in the night of sky. I saw the grace of God who will never give up on these children and chase after one sheep, even when they go back to live in manholes. This is the heart of love that God gave us for Christmas.

I pray that that God will continue to use Mongol Kids’ Home as the lighthouse that shines in the world. I thank Eiko-sensei for her message and all the works that she does for the children. "

In Christ

Junji Yamamoto


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