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Comment by the Ambassador Izumi & Tomoko Aoyagi about trip to Tohoku Area in Japan

Dear Supporters for Mongol Kids' Home: Support Manhole Children:

Thank you so mch for your prayer. Our 1,500 Km trip to Tohoku Area for 3 nights and 4 days were such a wonderful mission trip with a lot of God's miracles and blessings!

Two pastors said, " We will add Mongol Kids' Home project to our church prayer items!

One pastor said to his congregation, " If you do not raise hands now, Dream Together 1000 will be closed!" Then all 17 participants raised hands and became the members of DT1000!

One staff in a Christian Camp Ministries said, " I will share about Mongol Kids' Home project to all people who visit this camp!"

One brother even prophesized, "There will be 2,000 and 3,000 prayer partners for this project! "

Those who saw us on Facebook told us that they want to see us to hear more.

So we began praying, "Lord, please send us once again to Tohoku area! We would like to meet the prayer warriors whom you have already chosen!"

Izumi & Tomoko Aoyagi


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