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DT3000@Hino Christ Church

The following is a message from ambassador Aoyagi.


Hallelujah, we thank the Lord. Here is a report from DT3000.

On Nov. 22, Hino Christ Church (Hino City, Tokyo) hosted an event for us and Eiko-sensei preached two times. Despite the challenge that comes with COVID, the staff team of Hino Church planned a very thoughtful welcoming and we many people came to hear with their sincere hearts about our mission. Eiko-sensei was interviewed by CGNtv where she was able to share a report from Mongol. We appreciate your ongoing prayer that the report of our mission will spread across Japan.

Hino Christ Church has been supporting Mongol Kids’ Home since few years ago through prayer and some members of the church filled out a commitment card to support us financially. We had many people signing up to our DT3000 initiative and we just cannot thank enough.


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