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"Mongol Kids' Home" Introduced to the Leaders from Asian Countries.

A comment from a person who participated in the workshop of "Mongol Kids' Home" at SEANET held in Chiang Mai.


Thank God for giving the opportunity for me to participate in your workshop.

Before attending, I did not know much about Mongolia and I did not realize that there are so many people in that country living in the holes.

They are so struggle in not having good food, fresh water, and enough clothes.

In your sharing, you encourage me that God can use you to help anyone in this world even if they are far from your place or it is impossible to do on your own.

You show me about your passion for someone that you do not know how to help but you keep on praying and ask God to open the door for you.

Surprise!!! He opens the door and you have a chance to do the miracle things.

This inspires me to think of people in difficult situations in my country and how to help them through the ministry.

Thank you for your sharing.

I do believe that you will keep on doing all these good works under His Name and continue to be such an exceptional example for others.

I promise to pray for your ministry and support your works in the area that I have ability to do.

Sincerely with the Grace of God.


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