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My Very First Trip to See Mongolia

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

By Eiko Takamizawa

I went on a trip 2/22-26 this year (2018) to see the situation in Mongolia. It was my first trip to Mongolia. I arrived in the capital city, Ulaanbaatar.

The leader of Pastor Ganaa's church (The Glory of the Lord Community Church) came to pick me up at the airport. I was touched when they welcomed me with flowers in this extremely cold land!

An emotional encounter, finally meeting Boldoo. I was also welcomed by his family (his mother and younger sister). His mother's hair had turned gray, and I felt the years that had passed by.

Visited Dasha's house, a yurt on the hillside. Here the air is so thin it is hard to breath. Although I didn't arrive until the evening, they had put on their coats from the afternoon and prepared to leave the house to welcome me. Dasha's wife made steam dumpling as a welcome meal.

Dasha's family finally came to church for their very first time.

The sermon was titled “Let's step forward into the new land that God has provided.”

→They warmly welcomed Dasha and his family.

→I was so so happy with the group picture we took, I couldn't stop smiling!

→We took a picture with the cell members who would take care of Dasha.

→ The Glory of the Lord Community Church rents out a cafe for their worship service.

Solonga, an expert in the Manhole Children taught me many things.

The name of her work is called “Good Future.”

The chart she is standing in front of is a summary of her research. She will be helping us in many ways.

A picture showing members of The Glory of the Lord Community Church who work for alcoholics' recovery.

A picture of another church's alcohol recovery program. Alcoholism is one of the root problems that cause Manhole Children.

A picture of a Home Meeting (gathering for worship).

I went to see a home for sale in the suburbs.

It had good conditions such as large acres of land, 7 rooms, 2 wells, parking spaces for 5 cars, was close to the main road, a 5 minute walk from a church elder's house, and a great candidate for housing.

Mongolians put salt in their coffee. You need to be careful not to accidentally put a spoonful of it, thinking it was sugar.

Delicious noodles, that were similar to Yakisoba.

I ended my fruitful trip and returned to Korea.


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