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The report of the First Tohoku (Northern East region) Mission 2019

Dear Supporters of Mongol Kids’ Home,

Thanks for all your prayers, we had a blessed first Tohoku mission 2019. We sincerely thank

you and the Lord.

Eight years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. We live in Tokyo which is

located 400 or 500 kilometers away from the disaster area. Such time and distance made our memory vague gradually.

A memorial concert for the Great East Japan Earthquake was held in Tokyo and the venue was full! Forty choir members came from Korea to serve there. They did an amazing performance and our hearts were filled with gratitude.

God reminded me that He would never forget the pain of people in the disaster area even after eight or ten years. This year, 2019, we hope to worship the Lord as a church together with the people in Tohoku.

Also, we hope to encourage people in the disaster area by attending their prayer meetings and fellowships to show we are with them in spirit. From April 13 to 18, We visited fifteen churches and facilities in Iwate and Miyagi prefecture. We were so grateful and moved that one of the churches introduced us and Mongol Kids’ home on their church bulletin.

Many people cared about Mongolian kids and society that is 3,200 kilometers away and joined DT2000. We are now praying that God would send us also to Fukushima and Ibaraki


With gratitude,

Izumi and Tomoko


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