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We visited Kakogawa Baptist Church (by ambassador Aoyagi)

On September 8, we visited our first destination, Kakogawa Baptist church. We spoke about our project during their Men’s gathering and also during the church school on Monday in front of 35 children. Also we were given an opportunity to share in front of the youth students. After the church school, the children got together in group of four and they prayed for the pastors at Glory of the Lord Church and the staff members at our home. I was so touched by their fervent prayers.

After that, I had a wonderful fellowship with Koboris at Kobe Harbor Land. I was invited for dinner at the regional coordinator’s house. We had a deep conversation until late at night, it was truly a beautiful time given by God.

That evening, I received the photos from Rev. Umetani from Kakogawa Baptist Church, with a comment “we are at a retreat and we are praying for the children at Mongol Kids Home.” It was so encouraging and I was so thankful.


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